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Unsure about your paper’s originality? Leave your worries behind! We’ll check your writing for copied material! Our experts check papers using special anti-plagiarism software and they will provide you with an accurate, clear report. The tool detects all kinds of plagiarism, including direct copy-paste, faulty in-text citations, and paraphrasing without references. The report will also show an accurate plagiarism score in the paper. In case of plagiarism in the paper, our editors will highlight the problem areas. Each plagiarized part will be accompanied by an explanation that describes the nature of plagiarism. As such, it will be easier for you to spot and avoid mistakes next time you write a paper.
As a student, you probably write dozens of pages per day and have no time to proofread all of them. So it is inevitable that some mistakes creep into your writing and you let them pass unnoticed. Unfortunately, they can hardly escape the teacher’s sharp eye. Here’s a solution - Our pro editors and proofreaders will spot and highlight all grammar, spelling, vocabulary, and stylistic mistakes. They will also provide recommendations as to the ways of their correction. It’s way better than having your papers checked using online tools. With GradeUp, you get a chance to consult with experts who have graded hundreds of student papers.
Structuring academic papers is a bit of a process. Even if your ideas are great, a wrong structure may wreck havoc on your paper’s quality. You know that lack of logical transition between paragraphs doesn’t add much to the paper’s clarity. As a result, the reader may get confused and misunderstand what you were trying to get across, just because your ideas lacked a proper flow. This is where our experts step in. They will make sure your paper doesn’t have any awkward or run-on sentences or paragraphs. Any part that needs improvement as to the structure will be red-flagged for you to take note. As a result, you’ll get a well-structured, clear piece of writing.
You probably know it - many teachers pay attention to the paper’s formatting rather than to content. Sad, but it’s true. On the other hand, formatting sets the tone of the whole paper. So if you want the paper to come back with an A+, you need to whip your ideas into shape. Of course, learning the rules to all referencing styles is close to impossible. Even if you read the MLA or APA guide from cover to cover, chances are high you make a few mistakes. Lucky for you, our editors are well-versed in such referencing styles as MLA, APA, Harvard and Chicago. They will correct all in-text citations and improve your references page. No mistakes guaranteed!
You wrote a paper by yourself, but dozens of pages need a thorough editing and proofreading in terms of grammar and content. Here hundreds of pro editors are ready to give your paper their immediate attention. Turning to our service means that you’ll get multilevel editing of your paper, including plagiarism check, grammar, vocabulary, and structure improvements. Simply send your paper over to us, and we’ll return it to you in 24 hours looking all new and shiny. We guarantee that it will be error-free, with the perfect structure and formatting. So, if you have any doubts about referencing or plagiarism – feel free to rely on us for a high-quality editing service!
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    Lester is an experienced editor and proofreader. Before joining our company, he worked as an editor-in-chief for a local newspaper. He is proficient in Environmental studies, Geography and Biology.
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    Leo joined our team 4 years ago as a highly-qualified editor. Time conscious, good planner, and has editing skills to deliver superb papers. Highly proficient in Humanities, Arts, and Education.
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    Financial analyst by education, a published author and professional editor. Has experience working in digital marketing. As a skilled editor, Melanie is comfortable with editing any content. Diligent and meets challenges head on.
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